Nov 4, 2010

Quick chakoli

As the festival of Diwali ushers in, we are tempted to prepare lots of mithai..Some sweets, some salty snacks-like chakoli. Its crispy and very tasty.I have never found anyone saying "No" to Chakli or chakoli.  Though it is made in many ways with different combinations of ingredients- rice, pulses, groundnut etc etc, I am putting up something hassle free that does not require any roasting or grinding. Simple ingredients: flour and dhuli moong dal (Split green gram). So here we go!!!

Take out:
Maida (White flour): 3 cups
Dhuli Moong dal (split green gram): 1 cup
Oil: to deep fry
salt: to taste
Zeera (Cumin seeds): 1 tspn
Ajwain (Carom seeds): 1 tspn
red chilly powder: 1 tspn

Get Going:
  • Wash dal. Add two cups water.
  • Cook dal and steam maida in pressure cooker. Take 2 cups of water at the bottom of cooker, keep dal with water in a jar at the bottom (covered) and keep maida on top (uncovered). Take 3 whistles.
  • Break lumps in maida when it is slightly hot. Add zeera, ajwain, lal mirch and salt. Add boilded dal and knead it. The water added while cooking dal is enough to knead (if required you may add some warm water).
  • Make small chakoli's using the a saancha (chakoli maker).

  • Heat Oil, slide 3-4 chakolis at a time in hot oil. Use a jhara (flat laddle with pores) to pick the chakolis from plate and slip in oil. Fry them in low flame turning once or twice in between. Take chakolis out of oil and place them on tissue paper to soak excess oil. Store after chakolis cool down. 
  • Frying tip: Add the chakolis in high flame, later reduce the flame and fry them in low flame, turning 2-3 times. Increase the flame before removing, so that the oil is hot for the next round. The colour of the chakoli is creamish. So take care that the oil never gets very hot to turn chakolis brown.


  1. I love chakoli very much. will try your recipe today....will let you know whether I succeeded in making it or not.

  2. Hey Deepali, I tried this recipe day before y'day. Posted comment also, but somehow its not here. Chakolis turned out very tasty.I was quite amused to see how quickly its done! Thanks once again for sharing....